Leadership - Board of Directors

Ranjith Soman

Ranjith Soman is a M.Tech post graduate of IIT Bombay, who is also the Founder, Chairman, Managing Director, and the Visionary behind Beaver Infra Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and what it represents to the rest of the world. He first started his journey as nothing more than a railway engineer in the Konkan Railways during its heydays. But later, he went on to work in the private sector under some of the largest companies in the world, tackling some of the most challenging projects; where he gained unprecedented experience and recognition for his work ethic, ingenuity, and commitment. The very same ingenuity and commitment has been the integral part of Beaver Infra Consultants since its inception.

Veena Ranjith

Veena Ranjith is a businesswoman, educationalist, philanthropist, and a doctor well versed in medicine. She believes that a Karma-yogi gets freedom from both vice and virtue in this life itself. Therefore, according to her, one should always strive for Karma-yoga i.e. one should work to the best of one’s abilities without getting attached to the fruits of work. She has made sure to implement that thinking to the very grassroots of the company as the HR and Finance Director of Beaver Infra Consultants. She is the architect behind what the company is today and provides the care and nurturing that the employees need.